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The series of publications created by the MoVE Project at the Africa Centre for Migration and Society have staked a place for visual-narrative production as valuable activities within social research. These publications serve as project archives, but are function as also ways to contextualise, frame, and represent the projects that are featured. The publications are structured around written reflections, and featured project work. The written reflections engage project themes, processes, and insights, and the project work presents the process and outcomes of the featured project.

These publications, being independently published,  have allowed researchers to expand knowledge generation process beyond traditional means of theory production destined for journals. The pubications have been made accessible to broader publics through their inclusion in exhibitions, and on online social media platforms. These engagements have allowed researchers to speak to broader audiences than traditional academic channels allow.

When we made the first book we were quite certain that more would come. Early on, then, we knew to create an underlying design that is strong but neutral. THis would allow the design to function as an underlying structure for various types of content. This underlying design framework has contributed to a recognisable brand for the MoVE Project, whilst ensuring that each featured projects can also stand out on their own. Elsa Oliveira and Jo Vearey, as series editors, have been critical in the development of the series as a whole, alongside whom most design decisions have been made. The project planning, design, and layout process of each individual publication has occurred in a conversation between me, the series editors, and the project leads of the featured project.

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