Movement and its limitation within an environment (2017)

Movement and its limitation within an environment responds to the vibrancy of partaking in an assemblage, and to the ambivalence of living in a borderland. The sketching process employed in the making of the artworks occurs through an interface between painting, sculpting and printing. It entails a movement between the painterly and the linear, and of opacities and translucencies. The sketches and paintings dwell on a sense and experience of place: they are speculative; they are arrangements of possible encounters, and they are expressions of the uncertainties entailed in a human relationship to place. The works explore the clusters of influence in which people find themselves, and the possibility for movement through an increasingly restricted world. .

The blog entries for Movement and its limitation within an environment cover a range of seemingly tangential subject matters in a broad relation to the work. The entries are notes rather than essays. They are ideas being highlighted momentarily during the making-thinking process. The blog entries grouped together on this page, therefore, will document aspects of the working and thinking process. Some of the works that are created will be presented in an exhibition, a type of visual-spatial presentation, opening at David Krut Projects on 31 August 2017.