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Make better presentations that have structure and buy-in

Presentations are often saturated with information, but often in a confusing way. This course provides you with an approach to plan a presentation that delivers a key message to your chosen audience. Structured thinking, and planning towards generating buy-in are critical factors of successful presentations. Once presentations are understood as critical meaning-making activities, the presentation itself can be understood as a site of knowledge production. This leads to the notion of presentation as research process and output. The approach in this course is to employ multimodal forms in a coherent ensemble. A presentation planning template is provided which integrates the varied details that need to be considered in an effective presentation: audience analysis; presentation purpose; key message and sub points; presentation content; media and modes; narrative structure; coherent ensemble.


The groundwork for planning your presentation

The first steps to planning a presentation is in focusing the content. The only way to do that effectively is to know what the purpose of the presentation is, and who the audience of the presentation is. From there, key…

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