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My work is focussed on the emergent processes that lead to the formation of cities. It is estimated that at least 60% of humanity will live in urban habitats by 2030. These habitats have order, but they are also filled with randomness and uncertainty, and they are changing at breakneck speed. With large rural populations in Sub Sahara Africa, urbanisation will likely continue to create substantial shifts within society, and with how we make places.

Navigating a way through this complexity means to sense and work with the nuanced relationships that emerge between the social, the somatic, the site, and handled material. It requires a maneuverability of critical thinking, and maneuverability of work in practice. It also requires a specificity to particular contexts: people and society; places and spaces; processes and systems; materials and structures. Disciplinary cross-pollination allows for adaptive and relevant responses to contexts to emerge.

I look at the interplay of the human and non-humans. This interplay is the movement that form cities, and it contains the opportunity for growth. In the past I have moved between art, research, facilitation, writing, consultation, project conceptualisation, and implementation. The professionals I have worked with are sociologists, public health researchers, creative writers and artists, architects, and activists.

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